[Cdt-l] Idaho Boundary Trail

Yeti yeti1938 at fultek.com
Thu Jan 1 02:07:36 CST 2015

If anyone is interested in an even harder hike than the CDT, look into 
the "Idaho Boundary Trail" (IBT) created by Mike O'Brien & Yeti. We just 
finished finalizing all the data. The hike is somewhat over 2400 miles, 
no trail markers, some very difficult bushwacks, & one difficult (from a 
water standpoint, but doable) desert section. It is a difficult hike but 
passes through some amazing terrain. For more information go to 
http://www.fultek.com/ibt & download the Hikers Guide. We tracked every 
foot of this except for a couple of alternates & the gpx files & 
transparency maps for Garmin GPS units to get around track limitations 
are all up there & available along with a town guide & other map info.

If anyone wants to email me for more information after reading the 
explanation part (at least) of the Hikers Guide, I can be reached @ 
yeti1938 at fultek.com.


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