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Bob, I turned 66 in December.  I just completed 7 days in the Superstition Mtns Wilderness here in AZ and I am beat up.  Like hiking Ws all day.  I am becoming more interested in hiking loops or shorter trails now and certainly trails that are more level.  


The section we (two of us) did in the Supers is the first 2 segments of the GET trail from First Water TH to Picketpost Mtn.  Distance is about 50 miles and suggested time is 3- 4 days but we needed 7 days to do it.  Lots of cats claw and over grown trails and so many ups!!!  Like 2 ups for every down.  At least.




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I'm 66 Doug, I know how you feel.


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I was thinking the same thing myself while out backpacking in the Superstition Mtns the last 7 days.  


I have a Z-pack solo tent I am considering selling for $300.  I think my long distance backpack trips are over.


I would sell the tent without stakes or stuff sack.


And I refuse to use FB.  So I may be fading away, too.  Sigh.


To everyone hiking the CDT this year:  May your feet be blessed.




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The cdt-l is remarkably quiet these days!


Activity for January 2015, compared with January 2014:






Which I suppose begs two questions, in particular... "Huh?" and "Wha?"


Feel free to discuss.


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