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Ah yes, The Facebook, dividing our joys and doubling our sorrows since 2004.
Or perhaps we just need to go Facebook group hopping, year to year, in order to keep up with trends. Persona non grata in a hurry, I'd imagine. 

Not to get overly metaphysical about this, but I would propose the possibility that the CDT itself has become more of a topic among topics in recent years, and no longer holds that cache' of exclusivity that kept us aging bachelors, dads, and grandpas (and esteemed ladies) hanging around the water cooler for so long. We're just not that cool anymore, as evidenced by the mass defection of folks actively planning to hike this thing. They don't really care what the vets have to say, the conventional wisdom having by now been assimilated into a chip you can load directly into your skull. For us, it feels like the kids are talking about going to the moon without consulting Neil Armstrong first. For them, it's who's that guy? Ah, but the world is big, there are many things to do and time is short, and there are faster, more efficient ways to get there than the cdt-l. I'm almost sure of it.
In fact, you have to go back at least 10 years now to find the really long threads, the multi-paragraph content, the passionate, articulate debate, and the sort of interaction that felt like hanging around the evening campfire, halfway between Mexico and Canada, entre amigos. Alas, this isn't your father's internet anymore. It's much bigger, and we each be tiny.


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The CDT 2015 Facebook pages has 463 members.  That is where the conversation is.  The older, more traditional trail forums seem to be fading away...."

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On Jan 30, 2015, at 12:16 AM, Brett <blisterfree at yahoo.com> wrote:

The cdt-l is remarkably quiet these days!
Activity for January 2015, compared with January 2014:

Which I suppose begs two questions, in particular... "Huh?" and "Wha?"
Feel free to discuss.

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