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When we were camping just north of the Gila, around Snow Lake, we heard wolves howling at night.  That was May 4, 2006.  Loved it.

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    The Western Environmental Law Center is initiating litigation, which
    CDTS will follow and expects to support, to protect the endangered
    Mexican gray wolves that are occasionally viewed by hikers along the
    CDT between Grants and the Gila Wilderness. 


    We would welcome any observations (date and location, if possible)
    and comments.





    The WELC announcement is as follows:


      We think this wolf is worth
            fighting for.  
          Once common in the Southwestern U.S., the Mexican Gray
            Wolf now barely clings to survival in Arizona and New
            Mexico. Today we filed a federal lawsuit to ensure that
            Mexican Gray Wolves have the land and the protections they
            need to recover and roam free. This will likely be a long
            and expensive court battle, but these wolves' future is at
            extreme risk and we must act now! Want to help? Donate to
            our legal fund and join us in taking a stand to protect the
            beautiful and majestic Mexican Gray Wolf!


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