[Cdt-l] Mexican gray wolf

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Ken, it sounds like you may have heard a northern gray wolf in Utah, which would also be rare. Just such a wolf was reported to have crossed into Arizona north of the Grand Canyon in recent memory, which was seen as a big deal. Unfortunately it was later found dead from a gunshot wound.

The Mexican gray wolf is known to occur in the US only in the greater Gila - Blue Range Wilderness recovery area, and certainly not north of I-40 or east of I-25 (except at the Sevilleta Wildlife Refuge where many of the wolves are captive bred before release into the recovery area).


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I agree with Ginny. The wolves are definitely a part of the lore of the
West! And worth preserving.

We have heard wolf cries in the Southwest a few times. We were really close
once (south of Needles in Utah) and the howl made the hair on the back of
my neck rise! Another time, in southern Idaho, a wolf was chasing a deer
and nearly ran into us. Experiences we treasure.


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