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The "female in question" may have been me. When we (Peru and Radar) were there this spring, we found that Nita had longer term plans and workers lined up for the winter. Radar did get the bath sink cold water hooked up again, but not the hot water. The heater is slated to be changed this winter, and the new setup will require significantly different engineering, so any work now would be wasted. Problem Bear and Maine Man were also involved in work/discussions.


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A few months ago there was some discussion  of a small group doing some 
work on Nita Larronde's Toaster House. I  appear to have failed to save those 
emails. A female in that discussion was  going to contact Nita, and see if 
that was acceptable to her (Nita). So, I'm  seeking to reestablish contact 
with her, or a couple of others who participated  in that discussion. 

Bob  "Trekker" Brewer
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