[Cdt-l] Long Distance Souls

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 13:49:28 CDT 2015

I live and work at a remote lodge in Wyoming.
Used to be a mild mannered plumber in Cali.
Turned forty and had a midlife crisis of sorts; hiked a bit.
Just rearranged my life a bit and now I am here; in Wyoming.
Quite surprisingly, and out on their own, two gentleman show up at our
lodge wearing "JMT" sized packs.
They had hiked from Omaha Nebraska and are on their way to Yellowstone.
Their goal: 1000 miles.

Omaha to Yellowstone.. who knew?

Well that morning I had cleaned the lodge and cabins.
A party of 4 guests from New York had left a box of Cheesits and seven cans
of Budlight.

While those hikers were eating breakfast and surfing our wifi, i stole away
to retrieve that bounty for them.

They left that afternoon bound for Porcupine falls, but returned the next
morning for breakfast.
They were so excited about the box of cheesits and a few cans of cheap
beer.. made me have to go in back and cry a bit.

Trail magic happens even where there is no "trail".

Life is weird now after hiking.
Still trying to fit the whole experience into my brain.
Some parts fit.
While I have taken more than I can repay:
I think i am beginning to glimpse the "Angel's" perspective

What a feeling!

Iceaxe aka Matthew Edwards
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