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Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:11:22 CST 2015

I am getting closer!
My current job is as a remote lodge manager in the Big Horn mountains of
After i hiked the triple crown trails i spent 3 years dreaming about those
magnificent trails.
A kind of beautiful torture as i was a plumber in Santa Cruz CA.
Last July i packed my truck, paid the landlord, and moved to Wyoming to
work at this lodge.
On a clear day i can snowshoe to the top of Medicine mountain and see the
Absarokas across the Big Horn basin, some 100 miles away.
I dream of returning to the trail.
Right now everyone has quit on me and i have to be here and train the new
But i am getting closer.
I would love to return some labor to that trail and appreciate all the work
y'all do and have done.
Keep up the great work.
For now i am shamed by you all but grateful.
Here is your link again.
All the best.
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