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When we were on the CDT, Jim had a crown come off.  We were in town at the time (Salida) which made it easy.  He made one call, and the dentist said, "I can fit you in right now."  We told him it was going to take us at least 20 minutes to walk there from the motel and he said "Come on in."  Jim walked in, had the crown reglued, and we went to lunch in about 15 minutes.

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      No one talks about teeth much, but on the PCT I lost a crown. On the CDT I  had a bad molar infection. Worse was the disappointment of finding no dentists who would treat me. it's nearly impossible to schedule an exact appointment, but worse were the universal phone rejections.       So, have a thorough dental check before the thru hike, and bite the bullet and have any needed work done then. And carry a bottle of antibiotic prescribed by your dentist in the event that a tooth goes south.     The tooth had cracked and had to be pulled when I got home.  
Uncle Tom 

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I shared this story with a friend and i re-read what i had written and had to laugh out loud.

I will share it with you;
"You know, i am 46.

When i was 43 and on the CDT i had a tooth break in half.

I freaked.

This was the first time in my life a tangible piece of my body.. fell off!

In a motel room in Grand Lake CO, i tried to glue that piece of molar back in place with an epoxy cement i bought at the hardware store.

It was part of me.

I wanted to put it back.

I felt desperate.

No pain except for pride.

It didn't work.

When i reached Steamboat it was July 3rd and the dentist was nowhere to be found.

My molar, and a few others, are cracked and missing a few chunks today."
Getting old and coming apart isn't so bad.

It is becoming predictable.

Like an old car losing a fender.
The real question is; 

Am i the lightbulb, with it's finite filament of tungsten..
Or am i the light from the bulb itself,  and eternal.
Now where could i find an answer to that?

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