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Here are some directions that you can use NOBO to walk into Butte via the new trail.  This is Segment 18 in the waypoint data. 


1.  At Homestake, follow the road a few hundred feet north to where the new trail begins to the left. 

2. Follow excellent new trail 9.3 miles to an intersection with Mode S Trail.  The intersection is signed.  This is the spur trail into Butte.  (Continuing straight ahead without turning takes you via excellent trail to the “Our Lady of the Rockies” statue. This is the continuation of the CDT. )

3. To go to Butte, turn left on Mode S trail and follow good trail downhill 3.8 miles to a trailhead on Saddle Rock Road, which is the access road for I 90. 

4. Turn left on Saddle Rock Road. Follow the access road about 3/10mile south to a underpass (Mt Highland Drive). Follow Mt. Highland Drive under the expressway 3/10 mile, crossing Continental and continuing 1/10 mile further to Three Bears Drive. 

5. Turn right on Three Bears Drive and walk 300 feet to Three Bears Grocery.  This is a bus stop on the Butte Blue (Around Town) bus Route.  >From there it is possible to go almost anywhere in Butte on the bus. 


To get back to the trail, just reverse the process and hike back up Mode S to the CDT.  That intersection is where my collected data stops, as the trail did not yet go through when we were there last.  I don’t think it will be any problems following it, however.  Continue north to the “Our Lady” statue and look for new trail headed northeast.  It will eventually connect to the existing trail which will take you to the Nez Pierce Trailhead at mile 26.5 of the old route.  The trailhead is about 8 miles “as the crow flies” from Our Lady, so it will probably turn out to be 12-15 miles or so via trail.  


I will post a map when we get it surveyed, probably in mid July.  




best wishes,


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Jerry - Is the Mode S trail a more efficient way to get into Butte than hitching from Hwy 2?   


How long is the Mode S trail and where does it come out?


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The dirt road walk from Homestake Pass past Delmoe Lake is no longer the official route.  New trail was opened late last fall that takes you along divide which is the skyline above Butte, with a connector spur trail going to town. The connector is called Mode S Trail, and leaves from a trailhead just east of the interstate on the edge of town.  The new trail will be mapped in late June and I will put a map up soon thereafter.  It shouldn't be hard at all to follow, however. Look for it cutting off of the road to the left just past the Homestake trailhead parking and the railroad tracks. It is signed and easy to find.

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If you want to stay on trail and avoid hitching into Butte, Homestake Lodge (homestakelodge.com) is just a few miles south of Interstate 90 east of town. They hold packages for $10 but mail them to their PO Box in Whitehall.


I hear there is the Marysville House in Marysville, MT north of US HWY 12 not far off trail. Has anyone any experience with them? 


My daughter and I will be hiking north from Butte starting end of July. Maybe we'll see you on the trail.




On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 5:36 AM, tbradnc <tbradnc at gmail.com> wrote:

Since the list is so quiet I wanted to run my SOBO resupply plan by you folks for suggestions and input.   I'll be hiking from GNP to Rawlins.    If you see something amiss or can offer an improvement please let me know..   Thanks...


Chief Mountain - East Glacier - 92 miles

East Glacier - Benchmark Ranch - 136 miles

Benchmark - Lincoln (Rogers Pass) - 65 miles

Lincoln - Helena (MacDonald Pass) 67 miles

Helena - Butte - (Hwy 2) 113 miles

Butte - Sula/Darby - (Chief Joseph Pass) 155 miles

Darby - Leadore - (Bannock Pass) 123 miles

Leadore - Lima - (I-15) 104 miles

Lima - Mack’s Inn - (On trail) 71 miles

Mack’s Inn - Old Faithful - (On trail) 38 miles

Old Faithful - Dubois (Hwy 26/287) - 102 Miles

Dubois - Big Sandy Lodge (On trail) - 124 miles

Big Sandy Lodge - Lander (Hwy 28) - 44 Miles

Lander - Rawlins (Finish Hike) - 122 miles

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