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I lived in this area for much of my life. I would call Ghost Ranch and ask them about transportation to Albuquerque. Tell them you are CDT hikers--they have many stopping through each summer. There is what the locals call the "blue bus" that carries people from Chama all the way down to Espanola/Santa Fe area. There is a train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque called the Rail Runner (commuter train). The blue bus I believe is free or costs very little and I think it could get you from Ghost Ranch to Santa Fe. I am not completely sure there is a stop at Ghost Ranch though, so call and ask. You could probably find a ride from the Ranch to Abiquiu which is about 15 miles away where you could catch the bus. People there are very accommodating and it shouldn't be hard to find a ride or even a quick hitch. You can catch the blue bus in Chama also. Chama is about 10 miles from the trail. I think hiking into Ghost Ranch would be a stunning way to end the season's hike however.

http://www.ncrtd.org/ (looks like the blue bus might go all the way to Albuquerque though the Rail Runner is fun!)


Josie wrote:
We are section hikers heading south from Canada for several years. This year we start at Twin Lakes and hope to head as far south as Chama or Ghost Ranch. I have found some references to public transportation to Albuquerque from Chama, but does anyone know if there is public transportation from Ghost Ranch? Or have an opinion as to which is better or even have better alternatives? We could leave from Albuquerque or Santa Fe. We are completely unfamiliar with this area so any suggestions would be appreciated! 
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