[Cdt-l] SOBO July clothing

tbradnc tbradnc at gmail.com
Thu May 14 14:28:08 CDT 2015

Now that I have my Glacier permit situation resolved I'm planning my CDT
hike in earnest.   The maps spread out in our guest bedroom look like I'm
planning D-Day.   ;-)

At any rate, I'm putting together my clothing / outerwear list and wanted
to put it out for input - thanks in advance.   Main concern is staying
warm....   Will be hiking from GNP to Rawlins, WY starting July 15th - am
planning for summer temps......

1 pair shorts   (worn)
1 long sleeve dri-fit shirt (worn)
1 short sleeve dri-fit
3 pr socks
1 wool beanie
1 buff
1 puffy down jacket (Ghost Whisperer, non-hooded)
1 rain shell   (wind, rain)
1 rain pants  (wind, rain, town wear while washing shorts)
1 ULA rain skirt  (rain)
1 Dirty Girl gaiters
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