[Cdt-l] Transportation Colorado fr 104 to Rollins pass

michelle bracht mbracht at live.com
Sat May 30 18:11:34 CDT 2015

I am planning to hike a section in Colorado early July.  I was thinking fr 104 to Rollins pass but I am flexible as long as the total hike is no shorter.  (I'll get it all someday ) Does anyone have a recommendation for transportation from one trail head to another?
Thank you, Michelle

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I was wondering what, if anything, people do differently for when you will be walking in water all day. ?My main concern is blisters since they seem to be more likely when I hike with wet feet all day. ?Has anyone tried some neoprene socks (such as the Camaro Titanium 0.5mm Seamless Waterproof Socks)? ??Dawn (M&M)

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