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We used Betty Price – “End of the Trail Shuttles”  (928) 355-2252.  $100 apiece (2 of us) from Flagstaff to the end of the trail.  


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Trew  - I've hike the southern half.  There are people that do shuttles to the start of the trail from Page and Kanab.  I think there is bus service to both.


You can also look for shuttles to the trailheads for buckskin gulch as it is only about 8 miles from the northern terminus of the AZT.


Some are listed here:





The starting points for the AZT are in areas that are not real close to towns and don't get much traffic.  


You can email me off line for questions





Arizona Trail Question:  Anyone hiked it?  I think I am interested in
starting on the northern end in the fall and I need some suggestions on
doing the AZT and how did you get spotted at the  start of the trail?



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