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Just to add more options, I used a Z Packs 20 degree bag/quilt in 2012 on
the CDT and was never cold.  At 1 pound, it's the best bag I've ever owned
and has lasted through rehikes of Glacier, the Winds, a thru hike of the AT
and this year an early season hike of the Camino de Santiago and several
trips along the JMT, and it's still got loft.  With a light, dress zipper
closure, which is underneath, it has no need of zipper baffles and no hood,
they've saved fully a pound in weight over many competing bags.  There is a
drawstring however at the top so it can be snugged up and around your face
for the full mummy experience if you want that, but almost always I used it
as a quilt.  Camped above 13,000 in the snowy San Juans however, the mummy
ability made it a real bag when we needed it.  Great bag and I'm still
using it.


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> For our SOBO hike, I used a 10 deg bag the whole way.  It was a cold year
> except for a few weeks in late July, early August.. Jim used a 20 degree
> bag until mid-September when he switched to a 5  degree bag.  For the NOBO
> hike, we used 20 degree bags until mid-September, then switched to warmer
> bags.
> Feathered Friends are great bags, whichever you get.
> Ginny
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> > I am considering a Feathered Friends Lark UL 10 sleeping bag for my 2016
> CDT thru. If anyone has experience with this bag or their bags in general
> your input is appreciated.
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> > Thanks,
> > SimpleSole
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