[Cdt-l] AZT in 2016

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Tue Oct 27 03:38:57 CDT 2015

Because you are my friends and I like sharing with you I want to make this
public announcement, just to help it stick better.....


Public Notice:
My name is Trew. Starting in early March I am going to begin backpacking the
800 mile Arizona Trail between the Mexican border on the south heading north
through the Grand Canyon to the Utah border. 2- 3 month journey. Its what I

And I am a stage iv cancer survivor. Live well! 5 years out from surgery and
radiation and complications. I was given a 50/50 chance of recurrence by
Life goes on. Hike it!!


Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.  


I am starting in early March.


Hope to finish by the end of May- by June 1.


I am a slow hiker any more.  12- 14 miles a day is good for me.  That should
do it in my time frame.


Now, I am off to bed.

-Doug (Trew)

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