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Sorry but this question /comment will ramble a little. Trew's comment about 12-14 miles per day has made me think about my last hike. Because I tore my Achilles tendon on the trip, thinking about hiking is all I can do for a while.  I'm not a thru hiker but I still get the need to put miles mentality. When I sprained my ankle I decided to walk it off instead of sitting down to enjoy the scenery.  Hence the torn tendon.  Now the questions; I have bought a lot of good maps and outdated guide books but I am still having a hard time planning where to park and cache food. My only hiking companion is my dog and we live in Oklahoma so two cars is out of the question.  Also, I did several thousand dollars of damage to my X-terra trying to get to a trail head this year. The road looked great on the map.Does anybody know of reliable sources of information?
Thanks for any advice

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Winter Training

If you live in Northern California and are a thru or section hiker, or are
planning a thru hike in your future, you may want to join us this winter
for training hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It?s never too early to
toughen your feet with miles and get some leg muscle going.  We?ve got a
 group of serious walkers who meet up for hikes during the winter, our best
training season, to knock out miles and elevation on Mt. Diablo, Mt.
Tamalpais, the Wine Country and the East Bay Hills.  In the past few years,
trail families have coalesced for all three Triple Crown Trails, and the
friendships made have lasted much longer than these winter hikes.  So if
you?ve got the off trail, winter blues and just want to talk trail with
other thru hikers, or if new, want to have miles and miles of time for
asking all those pre-thru hike questions, shoot me your email address and
I?ll put you on my ?Hike Alert? list.  Hope to see ya on trail.  Shroomer
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From: "Doug Carlson" <doug-sue at centurylink.net>
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Subject: [Cdt-l] AZT in 2016
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Because you are my friends and I like sharing with you I want to make this
public announcement, just to help it stick better.....

Public Notice:
My name is Trew. Starting in early March I am going to begin backpacking the
800 mile Arizona Trail between the Mexican border on the south heading north
through the Grand Canyon to the Utah border. 2- 3 month journey. Its what I

And I am a stage iv cancer survivor. Live well! 5 years out from surgery and
radiation and complications. I was given a 50/50 chance of recurrence by
Life goes on. Hike it!!

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

I am starting in early March.

Hope to finish by the end of May- by June 1.

I am a slow hiker any more.  12- 14 miles a day is good for me.  That should
do it in my time frame.

Now, I am off to bed.

-Doug (Trew)

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