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I am almost embarrassed to admit how little I have accomplished,  not even close to the lofty goals I set.My plan was to complete the entire trail but I travel with a service dog so my first priority has to be his safety.  He does great in the mountains but struggles on hot dry roads. So, we have finished snow lake to silver city via the Gila River but I am reticent to go farther south. We have also done Cumbres Pass north to Bear Town.
I would like to start out at Snow Lake and head north making several excursions of 125-150 miles at a time. His food really weighs me down so I would like a cache in their somewhere.  My primary concern with this section is the terrain and water. This is where reading journals would be a huge help. Is there a website where people post this type of information?
Thanks for the help, best of luck finishing next year.

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Trew, let me know if I can help in any way - I live in Tucson and will be
out hiking the AZT next spring myself.  I will be doing the northern half
(400 miles) to complete the parts I haven't done yet.

If you need a place to crash in Tucson or possibly a ride to the trail head
- (and I can arrange it,my schedule isn't firm yet for this spring but
I'll probably be around) it let me know.

And best of luck.


> Public Notice:
> My name is Trew. Starting in early March I am going to begin backpacking
> the
> 800 mile Arizona Trail between the Mexican border on the south heading
> north
> through the Grand Canyon to the Utah border. 2- 3 month journey. Its what I
> do.
> And I am a stage iv cancer survivor. Live well! 5 years out from surgery
> and
> radiation and complications. I was given a 50/50 chance of recurrence by
> now.
> Life goes on. Hike it!!
> Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.
> I am starting in early March.
> Hope to finish by the end of May- by June 1.
> I am a slow hiker any more.  12- 14 miles a day is good for me.  That
> should
> do it in my time frame.
> Now, I am off to bed.
> -Doug (Trew)
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You did not mention which part of the CDT you were on or
which other part interests you as a section hiker .It is easier to talk about
specific sections in logistic planning and the trail is a long one with many
different logistic challenges. And of course the biggest necessary understanding
for logistics is yourself and a realistic knowledge of your own capabilities
and desires. Trew likes to sit and observe beautiful and interesting spots. He
is noty planning super long mileage stretches. I am a 74 year old lady and I go
more slowly than Trew hikes but because of my own limitations I don?t sit for
an hour or more more than once a day. I also try not to plan more miles a day
than an old lady can realistically do. OK ? then I stretch it out a bit
sometimes and this last hike I got a tiny stress fracture in my foot. Many
hikers plan a start and an end and just wing it for planning in between. I
meticulously plan each day although I am always happy when I actually do more
than planned. I hate doing less than planned. Since I am both old and slow, it
takes a lot of logistical planning and some creativity and finding friends, or
friends of friends or list help, or church help or caching before going or
hitching or? I have about 800 miles left to go to finish CDT if I am able to do
so. Getting hoary in age but still planning next year?s hike. But I try to think
through everything I can before heading out. My planning sources are Bear Creek
maps, Ley Maps, Wolf books and other hiker?s journals.

So what have you done? Where are you planning to go? If you
get specific it would probably be easier for others to help you.

Medicare Pastor

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