[Cdt-l] Weninuche Wilderness Question

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Wed Sep 30 21:50:15 CDT 2015

Trew  - I've hike the southern half.  There are people that do shuttles to
the start of the trail from Page and Kanab.  I think there is bus service
to both.

You can also look for shuttles to the trailheads for buckskin gulch as it
is only about 8 miles from the northern terminus of the AZT.

Some are listed here:

The starting points for the AZT are in areas that are not real close to
towns and don't get much traffic.

You can email me off line for questions


> Arizona Trail Question:  Anyone hiked it?  I think I am interested in
> starting on the northern end in the fall and I need some suggestions on
> doing the AZT and how did you get spotted at the  start of the trail?
> -Trew
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