[Cdt-l] Ensoles are finally out...

Trekker4 at aol.com Trekker4 at aol.com
Tue Apr 12 10:42:37 CDT 2016

for the well wired woman:
    Here's my take: I got on their  mailing list at least 3 years ago, so 
it took them awhile. They're expensive  ($200 on preorder), not waterproof 
(water resistant-stream crossings & rain  okay), heavy (10 oz less the wt of 
your current insoles}, and not delivering  pre-orders until Winter 16.. 
    I sent a query about their arch support vs  Superfeet, and I'll send 
another about river crossings (up to 3 ft deep for  over 5 minutes, say)  My 
gut feel is they may have a ways to go.
    The other thing to remember is that at, 20 oz less  your current 
insoles leaves 17-18 oz more on your feet. The old adage of 1 lb on  one's feet 
equals 5 lbs on one's back was retested by the Army over 2 decades  ago; the 
new info is that 1 lb off your feet equals 6.3 lbs off your back. At  17-18 
oz, adding Ensoles is adding 6.5 lbs or more to your back.
    Ms Wired, since you could presumably get rid of a  solar panel and 
perhaps some battery weight, you might come close to breaking  even. But, this 
old fart is not about to add 6.5 lbs or more,
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
Genealogy is chasing the dead, while irritating the  living.
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