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I am a Wyoming resident because of my experience on the CDT in Pinedale.
Northbounders take the trail out to Elkhardt.
On the way back take the Seneca lake route.
Just a suggestion. 
While in Pinedale I slept,  quite illegally, in the vacant lot accross the street from the brewery.
Now a Wyo resident I suspect... nothing has much changed.

If you are northbound; 
Include a headnet or two in your Rawlins or South Pass resupply. 
There are two kinds of people in the Wind river range in the month of July.
Those that have head nets and those that wished they did.
Nobo folks, if you like, you can buy your can of bear spray at the outfitter or the hardware store in Pinedale. 
The next stretch to Togwotee (locals say it; toe-go-tee) or Brooks lake, is as Grizzly packed as you will find. . For whatever that means to you. 
I traded my bear spray away in exchange for a load of cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls in Glacier unused.. well the spray that is.. I slept on and ate the rolls one by one the last three days to Waterton.
Pinedale has an excellent bar.
Forget the name.
Batwing doors.
Go there and quench your thirst.


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