[Cdt-l] Low cut women's hiking boots

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Favorite footwear- that should open up an active discussion.

Consider that most of the load is carried in the footbed of the shoe or boot
you are wearing.  A good solid footbed sounds like what you need.  I used a
low cut trail shoe by Merrell with a Vibram sole/tread on the JMT this past
July and thought it did an excellent job of carrying me and my pack.  My
pack is about 35 lbs with food and water.  I would suggest you take a good
look at Merrells.  Go into an REI and see what they have.

I have used the thinner footbed  with the softer soles that New Balance
makes and I do ok with them- depends on the terrain, really.  Softer ground-
New Balance works well, hard ground/rock then a firmer footbed performs

The side of my shoe says "Continuum" on a small label.  I paid close to
$140- $150 for the Merrells I have from REI. Worth the cost.  I plan to use
these same shoes on the Arizona Trail this year.


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I am looking for some advice on low cut boots. Last fall I tore my Achilles'
tendon on the trail. I can no longer wear tall boots because of the
scarring. Can anyone recommend a low cut boot that can handle a heavy load
(the pack not me LOL) and offer decent stability ?  Most of the boots I have
read reviews for say they are good for up to a 40 pound pack. Unfortunately
I'm over that. 


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> Lynnae, My wife agrees with your opinion.  Backpackers do stink.   I did
appreciate your hospitality a few summers ago.  Glad to hear you and Will
are on the means. 
> -Doug Carlson (who has been one very stinking backpacker more than 
> once)
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> I have a box here left for Patrick Force.  We apparently we were not here
when he came by for the package in November.  Do you want me to do anything
with this resupply box Patrick?  It did get torn somewhere a long the way.
I'm sorry we missed you....been quite a year for the two of us healthwise. 
> Because of the long hikes between places hikers don't really realize how
much of a smell their belongings carry even after we give hikers a shower
and wash clothing.  It takes me days to air out the bedroom at times.  So,
we'll need to ask hikers leave their items outside and possibly sleep
outside from now on.  We are on the alternate route and really haven't seen
many hikers coming from Palomas/Columbus in the last year or so.
> Our health issues are much better and will be able to accommodate resupply
boxes and hikers this coming year.
> Warmly,
> Will and Lynnae McConaha
> HC 68 Box 64C, 3918 Hwy 35N, Mimbres, NM 88049
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