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	Hi, Ellen--I was just responding to the woman who posted on the
CDT-L--it wasn't my post about the shoes. I stayed with you a few
years ago when I completed the AZ Trail. I, too, carry 30 pounds max.
I will be finishing the Hayduke this spring from Escalante to Zion.
Her email was :


	--Mary "Fireweed"

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Hi Mary, I am also a solo female hiker.  I have done lots of long
distances (over the 200 miles you mentioned.   Even in pretty foul
weather, I carry at most 30 pounds.  I have done a lot of desert
hiking with water carries, and still don't carry the loads you are
hauling.  As Warner Springs Monty is fond of saying, "the fun goes up
when the weight goes down!"  Please, please, rethink what you are
carrying, so you don't get reinjured! So the dog does call for
carrying extra, but I doubt that he requires 20 pounds extra.  You
don't say what your hiking goals are, but if you are planning the CDT,
you can get by with less.  Check out the journals from last year,
especially Scout's on Trailjournals.com.  Scout is older, yet
completed the 3000 miles of the CDT.  He has a lot of wisdom to
impart. Good luck with your planning! Ellen
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