[Cdt-l] I Start the AZT on Thursday, March 3

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Good question.  Why not just keep hiking.  My dad is 93 and I can only be away so long.  I'll take what I can get.  


The Arizona better than NM comment was just for discussion.   Arizona is markedly different than New Mexico.  


I am doing that last minute stuff tonight and tomorrow.  Pre-hike excitement.  Everyone on this list understands that.




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AZ is not nicer than NM in any ways

good luck on your hike

why not the AZT to the GET to the CDT?




Loreto BCS




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I know Arizona is a state over from the CDT, but its 800+ miles long and in many ways nicer than New Mexico.  :)


So, one could start in AZ, do the AZT, then jump over to Colo/Chama and continue on the CDT and still make the walk border to border, only you would have the Grand Canyon in on the way.




Happy Trails everyone!!


-Trew (Keymaster)

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