[Cdt-l] I Start the AZT on Thursday, March 3

DayLate07 . dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:32:44 CST 2016

I haven't done it and know almost nothing about it but the Western Circle,
Seen here:


would let you go from the AZT through Utah and meet up with the CDT in

I'll be out doing the Northern half of the AZT starting Mid April.   You'll
probably be ahead of me the whole trip - but who knows maybe I'll see you
out there - I'll be starting north from Payson on 4/15 bound for Utah.

Enjoy..  Carry plenty of water.  It has been unusually warm all of
February this year in So Arizona.  We haven't had much rain this month - I
was hoping for more.


> I know Arizona is a state over from the CDT, but its 800+ miles long and in
> many ways nicer than New Mexico.  :)
> So, one could start in AZ, do the AZT, then jump over to Colo/Chama and
> continue on the CDT and still make the walk border to border, only you
> would
> have the Grand Canyon in on the way.
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