[Cdt-l] Continental Divide Trail

Mike Flannigan mikeflan at att.net
Sun Jul 2 17:19:27 CDT 2017

I see the Continental Divide Trail doesn't get a whole lot of
posts.  Hopefully you all are out hiking.

I have never done the CDT.  Maybe someday, but it is not
looking real likely right now.  At least I can physically do
it if I want to.  I am lucky that way.

I've been collecting hiking trails recently.  I have more than
the ones shown here, but not many more:
Give it time to load.  It takes awhile.  Not all trails are
labeled - only the more obscure ones.

If anybody needs a GPX file for a hiking trail, I might
be able to supply it.  Probably not, but if it is on that
map I probably can.

Have fun.

Houston, TX

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