[Cdt-l] Djedi Dome

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 23:04:02 CDT 2018

Looks like a Utopia1.
I pined for one of those back in the day.
I believe their biggest weakness was condensation.
This one is made of eVent.
And it has a floor.

Just my opinion; i don't care to have the floor attached to my walls.
Just seems to trap moisture.
Seems like a better idea for cold and dry climate than a wet one.
Also don"t like a door that opens to admit rain.
I think this would be hot in summer mosquito country.

That being said; I like the weight of this and it is free standing.
142,000 Yen!
Thats a bargain.. no.. it isnt.. yes.. no.. ?
How many bitcoin is that?
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