[pct-l] Marble Mountain Wilderness :: Sec Q is Closed!! due to fires!!

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Wed Aug 9 18:28:51 CDT 2006

It has rained heavily lately on the Uncle fire along the Salmon river in the 
Marbles, the main fire concern which is miles from the PCT; there is 
virtually no smoke in the Marbles now. The risk in the last few days has 
decreased dramatically. And yes, to hike the Marbles is a decision left to 
each thruhiker, and if I had already walked 1500 miles to this point. I know 
what I would do... and here's the best part, there's no one out there now! 
it could be the best time in years to see the Marbles..
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> Hi all from Etna,
> This is a from the trail report...
> Most hikers are ignoring the closure and going through.  There is a
> saw horse across the trail at Etna Summit with the closure notice
> posted on it.  The feeling is if the situation were serious, there
> would be someone posted at the trailhead.
> Several hikers who skipped to Seiad Valley have returned to make up
> the section after hearing there were no rangers enforcing the closure.
> (In 1600 miles I have met 1 ranger on the trail!)
> Personally, I will hitch up to Seiad Valley tomorrow.  For
> job/employment reasons I cannot risk a federal arrest for relatively
> trivial reasons.  I just regard Mexico and Canada as being about 57
> trail miles closer this year.
> NFS resources are focused on fighting fires, not enforcing the
> closure. Hikers will definitely need to be self-reliant (as most
> thruhikers are!) and be aware that emergency and or rescue services
> will not be available. If I were hiking the section I would also go
> 'cookless.'
> Cheers!
> On 8/2/06, Deems <losthiker at sisqtel.net> wrote:
>> PCT Hikers!
>> I just received breaking news at work *USFS* today, that the Marble Mtn
>> Wilderness is closed to hiker use due to fires, that are mostly many many
>> miles away. The Forest Supervisor made this decision, based upon 
>> wilderness
>> user safety. I believe it is a very very overboard decision, but the law 
>> is
>> in effect now. SO in essence, the PCT is closed thru the Marble Mtn
>> Wilderness as of Aug 2! until the fires are extinguished, which could be
>> months away...... stay tuned for updates.. This is Section Q of the PCT, 
>> and
>> there are no reasonable road/trail routes around it.

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