[pct-l] Super Secrets Update

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Sun Aug 13 10:06:36 CDT 2006

Regarding Switchbacks endorsement of Bag Balm, I happened to notice in Backpackers September issue on page 94 a full page ad of this product.  Now, I read Backpacker every month, as I am sure most of you do, and I don't ever recall this product being advertised in the magazine.  I checked a few back issues, and nope, not an ad to be found.  Now this seems suspicious to me.  Is it a coincidence?  Could Switchback be getting some marketing commission from Dairy Association Co?  These advertisers know how much weight Switchback pulls on the list, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if the pirate was doing a little moonlighting as a marketing shill.

Doc Holiday

Switchback Writes:
I just got my quarterly  pedicure.  My pedicurist said my feet were looking 
much improved -- even  sexy.  The only thing that has change is using Bag Balm 
(square green  can) since I saw her the last time.  She was the one that 
recommended  it.

I had mentioned it before to  you.  I can now report that it works great.  
Get it in the pet section  at mean old Walmart.  It is for cow utters on the 
farm.  I might be in  the foot section of the store too, but check the pet 

Bag Balm has a medicine smell to  it, but it is not too bad.  It might stain 
socks, but that does not bother  me.  This stuff works great in repairing your 
skin and even toe nail  areas.

If you use this stuff daily along  with your periodic pedicure from a good 
salon, you will be in excellent shape  foot wise for the trail.  Take a small 
container of it on your hikes  too.

Once again, your pal, Switchback, is thinking of your health and  safety.  
Now I am ready for my PCT Yo-yo attempt and catching up with  Scott.

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