[pct-l] Drakesbad ranch is now closed to PCT hikers

Eric & Susan Beeler liveoakhill at oroville.com
Mon Aug 14 10:34:12 CDT 2006

As most of you may know this is the second year that Drakesbad Guest Ranch
has offered its hospitality to those of you who hike through on the PCT.
Thru hikers are offered a buffet, a shower & are allowed to use the swimming
pool. Now however that is not the case PCT hikers are no longer welcome
because Nemo decided to skip out without paying for her meal.(After she took
a shower & used the pool) She claims she didn't know that she had to
pay,since when do you walk into a business and not expect to pay? its not
like your there to window shop or anything.There wasn't a big sign that says
"Dinner for free to all PCT hikers". I am disapointed in Nemo's actions I
can say I have actually met her, we fed her & friends along the trail. I am
really disappointed that she has ruined it for everyone, by being so naive
to think a meal is for free at a guest ranch. I mean really is anything
free? If she does read this It is my opinion that a personal apology be made
& the meal be paid. I am hoping I can talk to the owners to get them to
reconsider. Every hiker that is coming up behind her is out of luck &
probably won't know till they arrive there. My husband said that that the
ranch was wonderful He planned to make this a favorite stop for when our
family does this section in a few years. Now however we may have lost
Drakesbad for a trail stop for good thanks to one persons thoughtless


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