[pct-l] Trail Proximity to a desperate world (was Trail Integrity)

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 14:20:13 CDT 2006

Litter and human waste along the PCT are problems unsolvable 
via this list, unfortunately. Everyone around here surely 
knows better. As for human waste (and prescription med 
bottles, diapers, canned goods) deposited on the trail 
itself, it's likely a border control problem. I'd be curious 
to know how far north such calling cards have spread.

- bf

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> Hey everyone,
> Just reading about the stealing along the trail and I 
> wanted to bring up
> another subject that is really sad and is related to 
> hikers not  caring.  Being
> that Scott (Williamson) started at the back of the pack 
> and  past by everyone,
> His main topic of conversation with me in Kennedy Meadows 
> was  how much trash
> and human waste was left ON and around the trail this 
> year.   He was extremely
> sad about it.  He could not believe what people left 
> behind.  I am wondering
> who they think is going to pick up their trash  and toilet 
> paper?????????
> This really worries me, How can we save the integrity of 
> the trail for
> future hikers?  A few people are ruining it for everyone. 
> What  do you guys thi
> nk?????
> Michelle
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