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Alright, enough is enough.

Stop trashing Nemo.  She's a great gal, and there's no need for this bashing and name-calling.  She is one of the neatest people we met this year, and I for one love her dearly and will defend her (or anyone) who is being maligned without the opportunity to present their side.  If you don't like or understand her poetry, keep it to yourself or take it to a poetry discussion group.  

Remember the Golden Rule. 


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>Wow, that Nemo sounds like a real freak.  Look at this psychotic poem she posted on her 2003 AT TrailJournals site:
>Note To Self
>Have you loved
>every second
>of this carnival?
>Or do I have to remind you
>that just weeks ago
>you were bulky and blinded
>pinned behind a desk
>            while a fat, frumpy, ex-hippy marauder
>tortured and mamed and muted you.                      
>For Dust thou art, and unto Dust shalt thou return.
>-Genesis 3:17-19
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