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I thought a "parasite" was someone who lived in Paris.


--- dsaufley at sprynet.com wrote:

> If I recall, Jardine called trail angels "black
> holes", and hikers that take advantage of them
> "parasites." 
> Sorry.  Not quitting.  Going to do my darndest to
> spoil hikers until I'm too old to carry a laundry
> basket.
> L-Rod   
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> >For what it's worth... I think that ya'll need to
> "Cowboy Up!". It's nice 
> >and all to have trail angels/devils do swell things
> for ya but to be so 
> >dependent on them is weak. I was raised in a
> predominantly racist state 
> >(Mississippi) back in the 60's and 70's. Many
> places I've gone to also are 
> >racist... some were not. My point is that I have
> become accustomed to NOT 
> >being welcome. It doesn't bother me. It's the way
> it is. Last year on the 
> >trail I came across it on an occasion or two. Mild
> but obvious. There are 
> >not really many colored folks on the PCT. I'm an
> anomaly. But I did run 
> >across some really awesome folks that were
> genuinely caring and non-bias. 
> >The Andersons and Ziggys were wonderful. Several
> hikers were pretty 
> >blatantly biased toward my skin color. They even
> tried to charge their room 
> >and meals on my credit card. Lame! But this is
> America. And we are still 
> >struggling with these issues of ignorance.
> >
> >The PCT is a wilderness experience. Perhaps I
> should say, was a wilderness 
> >experience. Ignorance comes in all skin colors.
> Education and understanding 
> >take effort. The PCT is a wonderful teacher.
> Perhaps a few less trail 
> >angels/devils and a few less welcoming towns are
> just what are needed. 
> >Perhaps people of "fair" skin color can get a taste
> of what many "colored" 
> >folk have lived with all their lives.
> >
> >Now if we can just lobby fer them handrails and
> info boxes... perhaps 
> >wheelchair access. Really now. Cowboy Up!!!
> >
> >Pygmy
> >
> >Don’t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN
> Search! 
> >
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