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Hi.Meadow Ed here!!!!
  Somehow i must have missed something here....
  If the subject matter was in response to Pygmys PCT view how did you jump to Jardine and his "black holes" comment.... and your own comment about not quitting that doesn't seem to belong on this same post either!!!
  Perhaps i missed some other post(s) that ties your comments to the comments that my friend pygmy made!
  Sorry but i see no relationship to your comments on this post

dsaufley at sprynet.com wrote:
    If I recall, Jardine called trail angels "black holes", and hikers that take advantage of them "parasites." 

Sorry. Not quitting. Going to do my darndest to spoil hikers until I'm too old to carry a laundry basket.
  Meadow Ed


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>For what it's worth... I think that ya'll need to "Cowboy Up!". It's nice 
>and all to have trail angels/devils do swell things for ya but to be so 
>dependent on them is weak. I was raised in a predominantly racist state 
>(Mississippi) back in the 60's and 70's. Many places I've gone to also are 
>racist... some were not. My point is that I have become accustomed to NOT 
>being welcome. It doesn't bother me. It's the way it is. Last year on the 
>trail I came across it on an occasion or two. Mild but obvious. There are 
>not really many colored folks on the PCT. I'm an anomaly. But I did run 
>across some really awesome folks that were genuinely caring and non-bias. 
>The Andersons and Ziggys were wonderful. Several hikers were pretty 
>blatantly biased toward my skin color. They even tried to charge their room 
>and meals on my credit card. Lame! But this is America. And we are still 
>struggling with these issues of ignorance.
>The PCT is a wilderness experience. Perhaps I should say, was a wilderness 
>experience. Ignorance comes in all skin colors. Education and understanding 
>take effort. The PCT is a wonderful teacher. Perhaps a few less trail 
>angels/devils and a few less welcoming towns are just what are needed. 
>Perhaps people of "fair" skin color can get a taste of what many "colored" 
>folk have lived with all their lives.
>Now if we can just lobby fer them handrails and info boxes... perhaps 
>wheelchair access. Really now. Cowboy Up!!!
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