[pct-l] Trail Etiquette

Bighummel at aol.com Bighummel at aol.com
Wed Aug 16 11:03:46 CDT 2006


I haven't been following the names or they haven't been revealed yet.  We 
didn't have any significant problems at the ADZ this year, other than a bigfoot 
sighting and one of the cabin occupants (not part of the ADZ; solved next year 
as we are picking ALL of these up) getting upset at 2003's fun Saturday night 

If anyone cares to send me the names I can check, but I'm not real sure that 
this will make any difference, other than telling us that they heard our 
advice and blatantly ignored it.


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mctrob at yahoo.com writes:

    Has anyone told you who the bad actors have been this
year and have you checked their names against the list of
people who were signed up to attend the Kickoff this past
April? It would be interesting to know whether these folk
attended the kickoff or whether the completely missed out
on any messages about how to behave on the trail. Did we
have any problems at the Kickoff this year?


Bighummel at aol.com said:

<<<Poor supply town trail etiquette may be the source of
the "hoard" problem that has been variously contributed to
the timing of the ADZ.  Every year at this event we have
been specifically focused upon issuing the overall message
that thru-hiker's behavior in trail supply towns effects
all of the trail community and especially those who follow
in their footsteps.  This is another reason to hold the
event at the southern terminus where there is a "first up" 
opportunity to sell this message to all.    However, no
matter what we preach we cannot ever expect to have all of
the sheep behave accordingly.


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