[pct-l] Hidden Secrets of Lone Pine

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The trippiest experience was doing my laundry at the Chevron/Subway.  Not to mention the outstanding meal we had (definitely not thru-hiker priced) at the rather nondescript place on 395 (I think it's the "Sierra" or something).  Excellent cocktails and fine dining menu.  L-Rod

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>Ahhh the DOW (or is it the Tao... lol) The two best things about Lone Pine 
>are the Dow and the Forum Theater, open only on fri, sat and sunday with 
>CHEAP organic food and free artsy films and local entertainment. It's 
>located across from the Post Office. Also little known is the 12 noon lunch 
>on weekdays at the Stathem Hall. It is free for seniors and only 3.50 for 
>non-seniors. They have a fixed menu but the food is GREAT and they really 
>enjoy hearing stories from hikers. I've given slide shows there to the 
>seniors and developed wonderful relationships during my extended stay. Lone 
>Pine gets my vote as the best stop in the Sierras. I also stared a Kung Fu 
>Club there which is still in operation. Free lesson to thru-hikers!!!
>aloha, Pygmy
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>L-Rod wrote:
>>Aloha nui loa!  Hoping all is well in your world.  Thought of looking you 
>>up when I was in Lone Pine, but I think you were out hiking at the time I 
>>was there.  Instead I spent four hours sitting in the Dow Villa hot tub :o)
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