[pct-l] Lithium batteries & Garmin GPS

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Wed Aug 16 18:59:57 CDT 2006

Well, I have two older Garmin GPS's and both have worked fine on 
lithiums. Strange inconsistency. Maybe Garmin tightened the specs or ???


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Corky Corcoran wrote:
> I know from sad experience that lithium AA cells and a Garmin GPS are 
> not compatible.
> Contacted Garmin about them, they said if one drains off some of the 
> voltage first they should work.  Did that, with some success.  Then, 
> as the batteries recovered, they didn't work.  Unit wouldn't 
> start.  That happened after I was off the paper maps bailing out to 
> Seiad Valley after hitting too much snow around Condrey Mt.  Needed 
> the GPS map to find my way to the Klamath River.
> And didn't have it.  It started right up after I found my way out and 
> got some alkaline batteries.
> Since lithium AA cells are nearly flat in voltage and current until 
> they die, it's an "iffy" proposition at best.  I learned rapidly to 
> not rely upon them in my Garmin 76 CSx.
> Corky
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