[pct-l] in the sun

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Mon Aug 21 19:42:56 CDT 2006

That sounds like folklore to me.  I know that I hydrate before beginning 
a day's hike, and again after lunch.  I mean a quart of water at least.  
I carry less, if any water and feel better.  I try to keep from ever 
having yellow pee...

Jeff, just Jeff

JoAnn M. Michael wrote:
> Hey Buddy, I need some feed back, please.
> In reading Clint Clark's The Pacific Crest Trailway, more than once under the heading Hints and Rules for Backpacking, he makes reference to sitting, standing or lying down IN the sun when resting. Also, he advises "Drink little water, a raisin under the tongue will help." when starting your hike each a.m.
> I know things have changed in the hiking realm but was unaware of the significant changes in health and safety.
> Feedback, please.
> JoAnn
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