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The  other day you made a reference to women leadership types as potentially  
foiling your plan to claim a yo-yo prize through deception. Who are these  
That is a good question.  I  don't know.  I guess they are strong, 
self-reliant, smart, and  competent.  She has a keen sense of integrity and fairness.  
She does  not suffer fools easily.  She knows how to be unselfish, but expects  
unselfishness.  She expects to get as much as she gives.  And that is  just 
the beginning.
Now people like me are the  opposite.  We are trail pirates and trailtown 
raiders/sackers.  We are  saloon spittoon spiting champions of the first order.  
Our reputations  precede us on the trail and in town.  Other try to avoid us 
and not tarnish  their hard won reputations by being seen with us.  It is a 
neat life.   We live for our gross appetites and pleasures.  We call women  
A quote from the movie, Paint Your  Wagon, comes to mind.  In it Ben (Lee 
Marvin) tell Partner (Clint Eastwood)  that it has been his experience that the 
most dangerous woman to a man is a  virtuous woman.  Women might not quite 
understand what that means,  since a man's appetites are supposed to be so easy to 
read.  But any man  knows exactly what Ben means. 
Leadership type women are virtuous women.  They are dangerous to the  free 
spirit and the life of the trail pirate.  They hate to see men  not being 
productive and doing something for them or something they believe  in.  The carefree 
happy male is an affront to them.   They immediately start planning his 
Hope this helps.
Switchback the Trail  Pirate
Trail Pirate Motto = "Goof Off R  Us"

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