[pct-l] Cracked feet Question

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Another easy solution that takes the pain away?

Take grocery store produce bags.  Coat the injured area with gobs of old
fashion Vaseline.  Place the bags on your feet.  Slip a sock over each one.
Go to bed.  
In the morning the callus will be soft and more flexible.  The splitting
stops and so does the screaming (from pain).

This treatment works daytime too.  Walking gets easier almost right away.

Warner Springs Monty

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> Returned from 900 miles of hiking two weeks ago with hardly a problem
with my feet.  My skin did get very thick.  Since my return on my my left
HEEL there is a 1/2 crack that hurts when I walk especially when I put
shoes on.  It looks like the crack occured where an OLD blister kind of got
caulloused over.  Since my hike I have been wearing mostly sandles or
barefeet.  I am fearful that this crack - because of where it is will NOT
heal and will get bigger - maybe even infected.  I thought there might be
some skin like "super glue" that might fix this problem and am counting on
the experts here to have some good advice.
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