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Yellow urine can be a sign of dehydration, or not. Amber 
urine, almost always in combination with reduced output, is 
a guaranteed sign of dehydration.

Thirst is the body's autonomic response to dehydration, just 
as shivering is a reflex response to hypothermia. Both 
dehydration and hypothermia are often regarded as severe 
conditions, though of course they follow a continuum, like 
everything else in the universe. And the human organism is 
pretty good at self-regulating, if we give it a chance.


- blisterfree

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> Now the  general ASSumption seems to be that if you are 
> feeling thirsty
> you are  already dehydrated.  I don't believe that.
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> I also don't believe, if your urine is at all yellow 
> you're  dehydrated.  The
> only time I pee clear, no matter how much water I  drink, 
> is when I drinking
> alcohol.
> Sly
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