[pct-l] interesting facts

bluebrain at bluebrain.ca bluebrain at bluebrain.ca
Fri Dec 1 14:30:39 CST 2006

Don't get me wrong!  I didn't mean to one-up.  I actually used to be much
much dumber than I am now, and a few years ago I would have just looked at
numbers like that and said "Huuh, I'm way more likely to die from a bee
than from a bear!  Fancy that!"

It wasn't until I dated a smart person that I learned the idea of context.
 I don't expect that I'm educating anybody else with my observations, it's
just that now when I see stats I get excited at the opportunity to apply
my new skillz!!!   I think I might on some level expect I'm going to get a



>> I was trying to lighten up all the bickering and one-up-ness
>> on the PCT-L lately.  Guess that didn't work.

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