[pct-l] of the Triple Crown

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Hi, Paul!

Congratulations!  Welcome back and good luck with the recovery!

I so like your understanding, and especially your articulation of it, of the 
value of the long hike, of the benefits that simply seep into our souls as 
we walk on.

As you said, "The reward was the time spent outdoors."

Keep talking about it!



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> Was told by a good friend in town to refrain from
> adding my .02..but, well, since debating was the
> family past time growing up... :D
> A diluted triple crown? Bah....
> The "award" itself is being able to hike all three
> trails. To see the wonders of nature for not days or
> weeks but months. Being able to experience the trail
> with fellow wilderness pilgrims.
> Less than one month after finishing the CDT, still on
> a post trail buzz. Luckily these lists AREN'T the
> trail. When on the trail, did not think of purity, or
> dilution of my experience or being a glory hound.
> I just knew that I was on the divide in Montana and
> seeing nothing around except for deserted jeep roads.
> Walking in Wyoming and seeing wild horses that weren't
> native..but belonged out there.
> Holing up in Crested Butte with 8 other thru-hikers
> who managed to hitch there in a snowstorm. Laughing,
> enjoying each other's company and making memories none
> of us will forget.
> Remember a glorious desert sunrise during my last days
> on the trail.
> No internet forum, no sayings from other people, no
> hiking judge will change my experiences.
> I've seen desert sunsets, walked over snow fields,
> "walked the ancients paths where the goodway is...".
> The rewards was the time spent outdoors. Nothing can
> change those experiences. Nothing will make the
> memories I have "diluted".
> I just came back from RI visiting family and soaking
> up the "Atmosphere" As such, a colorful dialect word
> that is still heard quite a bit around those parts is
> on my mind to mr. O.D or whoever: "Va fungu!"
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> The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust
> caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched
> --Thoreau
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