[pct-l] Bad hip

Bob and Diana Nelson benelson at ktc.com
Sat Dec 2 15:38:53 CST 2006

Has anyone out there had experience with a bad hip. Mine went out about a
month ago. I had trained well and carefully and not done anything that
should have hurt it. The doctor took x-rays and could find nothing wrong, he
gave me some wonderful narcotic pain killers that helped a lot but no where
near enough. A chiropractor gave me some relief but I was still effectively
crippled. Today I no longer have to use an electric shopping cart but can
only walk about a third of a mile and can only stand for relatively short
periods. This is a bummer after being able to do 20 miles days. I plan to go
to an orthopedic doctor as soon as I can get an appointment. I'm seriously
worried about being able to get on the PCT this spring. Any suggestions
other than to stop whining?

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