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Sounds like some former hiker has been spending too much time in 4-wall land.

Really, Adam, quit harrassing my girlfriend or you'll get a knuckle sandwich.

Adam Bradley <tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Hello Yogi,
  Listo del Norte (or Adam soon to be monster truck in
spanish) here.  I don't really consider any of my
posts to be personal attacks on you.  This is a great
response as I have saved all these as well.  However
you didn't speak to corrections like the "bermuda
triangle" or ramona falls to name just a few.  Are
these corrected in your current guidebook your selling
now?  If not does the book come with the black marker
you so highly recommend to ammend all of the
corrections one must make if they foolishly purchase
your book in advance hoping to prepare for a pct thru
hike?  Also this was a reply to sly not you.  I will
tell you one thing you wouldn't last 10 seconds as a
rafting guide, need tough skin to handle all the
ribbing.  I felt as far as running into you at ALDHA
you where avoiding contact due to over reacting to a
customer of yours.  I will stand by my judgment that
you have poor customer service skills and I know this
to be true as I am not the first to comment on them. 
Just maybe the first to speak publicly about it.  You
don't have much backbone yogi.  I can remember a
friend of mine who I don't think was the best guide
berating his guests saying " you people paddle like
slugs, what do you think you can just ooze down the
river?"  I find it interesting that in my version of
the book you recommend people sleep with food under
their feet or head.  Now to a person born and raised
in Alaska that is just a bunch of nonsense, but then
obviously you caved to peer pressure and took the easy
route suggesting bear barrels.  To a thru hiker
(expert in route to jedi) like myself it seems like
you don't have it all figured out like you make out
you do.  I suggest to anyone thinking about wasting
money on this guide consider this.  Are you completely
clueless?  if the answer is yes this might be the
route to go.  If you have any wilderness skills at all
this is wasted money.  Hell, I bet you can find a old
copy and just make photo copies.  Many folks ran out
of funding on trail this year.  Some folks had trouble
paying their tabs at resturaunts or donating money to
the trail angels whose homes we stayed in along the
way.  Which I found it extremely funny that you where
so quick to pay for someones meal when so short with
someone who purchased your book.  The best planning
guide in my opinion is written by the Jardines.  Minus
all the corn pasta stuff.  Also on another note, I
have heard from some of my trail compatriots that you
think people who hike for causes are "whores"?  I have
to contact them to find refrence to this post, but
that is deeply disturbing to someone who hikes for
causes.  Of course all of these above issues will be
written about in depth and posted on my website when I
have the time.  I am crazy busy now paying bills and
preparing for another crossing from the cortez to the
pacific through the sierra la laguna.  I am planning
another thru hike for 2007 and benefit for the trail I
will be hiking.  I am making a presentation of my 2006
thru hike.  Working 70hr weeks.  But I am not a
martyr.  This is what Listo does. A few things to
ponder.  First take a look at Trail Journals and look
up yogi's AT journals.  One look at a photo of how you
equipped yourself speaks a thousand words.  It all
clicks and makes sense now why your opinion doesn't
mean much to someone as myself.  In the copy of your
guidebook you say something about hiker behavior. 
Smile say please and thank you.  What happened? 
Myself, I have realized that the path I was walking
this summer I am actually on it all the time.  It is
the path of life.  I am trying to follow through, stop
and think before I react.  My behavior on trail and
off are one.  My life on trail and off are one.  Now I
have your book out and am perusing as I write this and
a flood of memories are hitting me as to all the
things that are just flat out wrong in this book. 
Lastly, after the bermuda triangle I never again once
looked at the guidebook.  How did I make It?  common

listo del norte    
--- yogi  wrote:

> A warning to everyone:  This is a LONG post.  After
> being slandered on PCT-L by Adam Bradley for the
> last
> two months, today I'll respond.
> The short version is this:
> In February 2005, the PCTA issued a new Data Book
> with
> new mileage.  This mileage did not match my book. 
> At
> that time, I personally emailed every person who had
> purchased my book recently and offered them a
> revision
> package for the Part 2 pages.  Adam chose to not
> obtain the revision at that time, even though my
> email
> clearly stated that I was only printing enough
> revision packages for those who requested them.
> ONE YEAR LATER, Adam requested the revision package,
> which was no longer available.  Had he requested the
> revision package at the time it was offered, he
> would
> have been able to get it.  This was a one-time
> offer,
> and Adam declined the offer when he got it.  
> The email exchange between Adam and I follows this
> post.  I'm posting the emails here because Adam
> chose
> to post only a snip of one of my emails, which does
> not tell the whole story.
> It's quite clear that Adam does not like my book. 
> That's his prerogative.  But instead of speaking to
> me
> in person about this, Adam chose to cowardly attack
> me
> from behind a computer screen.  You see, Adam
> attended
> the ALDHA-West Gathering in Sep-Oct 2006.  I was at
> the Gathering, too.  In fact, I was assigned the
> duty
> of taking the dinner meal tickets for Friday and
> Saturday nights.  If Adam ate dinner either night,
> then we must have met.  I had a name tag on.  He
> could
> have discussed his issues with me at the Gathering. 
> That would have been the mature way to handle his
> dislike of my work.  Unfortunately, Adam chose the
> childish route, which was to slander me on the
> PCT-L. 
> So, if you're still reading this, and if you're the
> least bit interested, here are those emails --- the
> complete emails, not just snips --- from February
> 2006
> which seem to be Adam's basis for my supposed
> terrible
> customer service:
> FIRST email from Adam:
> Yogi,
> I am putting together a PCT hike this 2006. I have a
> older copy of your book 2004. I would like to get
> the
> update package with the new mileages. I didn't see a
> place to order that on your website. Also, do you
> sell
> the walk documentaries? I would like to order both,
> however again it looks like you don't sell these? If
> you do I would like to order all this together. If
> not
> I will buy what I can from you and the rest from the
> walk website. 
> thank you adam 
> -----------------------
> My response to the FIRST email:
> Tou can purchase the "Walk" documentaries here:
> www.walkpct.com 
> There is not an "update package" for my book. You
> can
> purchase the current book here: www.pcthandbook.com 
> yogi 
> ------------------------
> SECOND email from Adam:
> Yogi, thanks for the reply. here is a copy of a
> email
> i received from you about 10$ revisions. Is this no
> longer available? 
> adam --- 
> yogi wrote: 
> Hello!
> I received the new 2005 edition of the PCT Data Book
> this week. My worst dreams have come true --- they
> changed the mileage of the trail. So now the mileage
> in my book does not match the 2005 Data Book. 
> I'm currently working on a total mileage revision of
> my "Part 2" pages. This revision will make the
> mileage
> in "Yogi's PCT Handbook" match the new Data Book.
> The
> ONLY change will be the mileage. All the text will
> remain the same. 
> What does this mean to you? 
> If you're using the 2004 Data Book for this year's
> hike, then you're good to go. I would recommend
> sticking with what you have. 
> But if you're using the 2005 Data Book for this
> year's
> hike, I would recommend purchasing the revised "Part
> 2" pages. It will be much easier to cross-reference
> the two data sources if the mileage matches. 
> I should have the revision completed in about 2
> weeks.
> But I need to know how ASAP many sets to get
> printed.
> If you're interested in purchasing the REVISED "Part
> 2" pages, please respond to this email no later than
> Monday, February 7. The cost will be $10 plus
> postage
> ($3 for First Class Mail, $4 for Priority Mail).
> Remember, the ONLY change will be mileage. HOWEVER,
> that is EVERY milepoint listed in the "Part 2"
> pages. 
> In addition, if you would like to purchase an
> additional set of the ORIGINAL "Part 2" pages (these
> would be the ones with the 2004 Data Book mileages),
> those are also available for $10 plus postage ($3
> for
> First Class Mail, $4 for Priority Mail). 
> Postage quoted here is for addresses in the 48
> contiguous States. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or
> another country, the postage will be different. 
> Please do not send payment now. What I need to
> determine is how many sets to get printed, based on
> the email responses I receive from you all. So,
> reply
> to this and let me know if you're interested. Then,
> I'll let you know how to purchase. This won't be on
> the www.pcthandbook.com website, because the person
> who handles the site is unavailable for the next
> month. 
> I'm also working on corrections to the original
> books
> which you all have. These corrections will stuff
> like:
> "The store in xxxx town is now closed." "The new
> phone
> number for xxxx motel is xxx-xxx-xxxx." Those
> corrections will be posted on the
> www.pcthandbook.com
> site by the end of March. You'll be able to just go
> to
> the site and copy that information. 
> I look forward to hearing from you! 
> yogi 
> ---------------------------------
> my response to the SECOND email:
> nope. That was a year ago, and it was a special
> one-time project. All that is available now is the
> current book
> yogi
> --------------------------
> THIRD email from Adam:
> Yogi, That is unfortunate. This book was up to date
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