[pct-l] RE Wassup Rockers

Adam Bradley tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 15:13:51 CST 2006

Hello All,
  trying to gather all my thoughts in between
distractions I forgot to post a awesome movie I saw
recently.  It is called Wassup Rockers.  At the end of
the movie these "rockers" where confronted by a couple
men on a street corner.  They said, Man why you all
wear your clothes so tight.  The rocker answered,
because we don't care what you think.  Then the men on
the corner said "wassup rockers!" and busted a couple
of caps.  That sums up my feelings to the haters, I
don't care what you think.  

  I think I have it all out of my system now.  I am
now concerning myself with freeing the slugs.

take care adam

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