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Steve Courtway scourtway at bpa-arch.com
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I often hike alone, but chatting with other hikers I pass are the highlights 
of my day.

Just like Scott Williamson said, and thru-hikers I've passed and had this 
discussion with have agreed with a look on their face that they are 
discussing the plain truth, it's the people who make the trail, solo or not.


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> Craig Stanton wrote:
>> Wanting to hike alone sounds anti-social to me. Being with people is
>> social, so wanting to be without people is anti-social. That's just the
>> way "anti" works. And now we're into a discussion on language instead of
> hiking.
>> This doesn't make hiking alone a bad thing, that's some people's
>> preconcevied idea that being social is nice and thsu anti-social is bad.
>> I am certainly hoping for some alone time too, and in such cases
>> I will be being anti-"social".
> Applying the term "anti" to anything implies a deliberate, conscious
> rebuttal of something, or a condition of being in antithesis of, in this
> case, society.
> I think it deserves mentioning that not everyone who who is not constantly
> open towards random interaction with others is being anti-social, they are
> just a little
> more particular than the majority of people about when and with whom they
> choose to engage in social intercourse.
> Call it having a more discriminating social palate, if you will, but not
> anti-social.
> Jon
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