[pct-l] RE What is anti-social Ice Station Zebra and Deep Thoughts

Adam Bradley tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 7 12:31:25 CST 2006

i liked the compliment of being a fruitcake with lots
of nuts.  I think that is a comment on my huevos or my
cojones!  si no.  es muy grande  si no?  

listo del norte, antisocial fruitcake con cojones (or
huevos), lost, lone stranger...soon to be monster
truck in spanish

speaking of fruitcakes I have a funny story to relate.
 back in my life in VT I got a call from a irate woman
who was angry because she hadnt received her
fruitcake.  I looked over into the veal stall next to
mine (cubes where small there)and the elderly woman
next me was crying.  She had just gotten off the phone
with irate fruitcake woman.  Well I couldn't even get
a word in edgewise, but after about 10 minutes of
abuse I started to laugh.  She stopped and asked if I
was laughing at her.  I said no, I just had not heard
someone get so worked up about a fruitcake before. 
Ends up she had not received it because she had a date
hold on it (her own fault).  We where best friends by
the end and she vowed to only order fruitcakes from me
in the future.  so maybe this whole fruitcake thing is

oh vermont, the green mountains, the long trail. 
americas first long distance trail, really good
fruitcakes, food, posotive culture, bernie sanders,
patrick leahy, lots of anti war rallies to take part
in, veterans for peace, .....

right on the chihuahuan desert fellow.  stomped around
out there for 6 years in the canyons of chihuahua and
--- Slyatpct at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 12/6/2006 6:59:16 PM Eastern
> Standard Time,  
> craigstanton at mac.com writes:
> Wanting  to hike alone sounds anti-social to me.
> Being with people is social, 
> so  wanting to be without people is anti-social.
> That's just the way "anti" 
> works.  And now we're into a discussion on language
> instead of hiking. 
> Wanting to hike alone doesn't sound anti-social to
> me.  Passing  someone and 
> grunting does.  
> Sly
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