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Monty Tam metam01 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 7 15:01:05 CST 2006

I have the Montbell Inner Down jacket.
My XL is 7.0 ozs.  I think this may be under the average weight a hair.
The front opens.  If it didn't I would be taking it off and on constantly
between temperature changes from uphill, downhill, sun, shade, wind and
other temperature variations (Like the Sierras).  Even being able to do
that, I sweated so bad up San Gorgonio a couple of times lately that it
needs to be cleaned/deodorized before I can wear it upwind of other hikers
again.  A light wind shirt over it makes a big difference in warmth. 

I used a pullover for the Washington PCT in June 2005.  I thought my poncho
was leaking because I had so much moisture on the inside.  Sweat.
Used the Inner Down non pullover type jacket for the Oregon PCT right after
that.  HUGE difference. 

Warner Springs Monty

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> I have exactly the same pants/sweater setup and can attest to the warmth
and weight-to-warmth efficiency.  When I bought it, they called it the
"inner liner." 
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> >Mike asked: << I'm looking into a UL down pullover ... Does anyone have
> >useful info/experience on these types of gear?>>
> >
> >A couple of years ago I purchased a Mont Bell down sweater and absolutely
> >love it.  Here's the link to the 6.7 oz men's version:
> >n=2301283
> >
> >It's remarkably warm for its weight - probably due to magic properties in
> >the ballistic airlight nylon fibers in the shell.  It's not a pullover
> >is a cardigan-style with snap closures instead of a heavier zipper. 
> >being able to open the front gives the garment greater versatility.  It
> >quilted in a sewn-through pattern - but I have not noticed any cold spots
> >around the stitching as one might in a sleeping bag.    I've also got
> >down pants - they really help on those cold Sierran nights.
> >
> >Hmmmnn...6.7 oz at $140.00 vs the 9.7 oz Nunatak at $299 - food for
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