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Fri Dec 8 16:39:36 CST 2006

>Awesome responses!  I'm feeling encouraged myself!
>If "do it" means make it from one terminus to the other, I'd point out that
>the trip will be a grand adventure regardless of where the finish line ends
>up being.  Even if knees give out and only a few hundred miles have been
>hiked, each day on the trail leaves you with more memories than a month at
>Wooohooohooohooohoooooooooo!  I'm getting excited.  :-)

Precisely!  "It's the journey" that is rewarding...  If the journey happens to include
going from border to border, so much the better...

"Do it" simply means get out there and TRY...  As L-Rod said, "Maybe you can do it,
and maybe you can't, but there's only one way to find out."  The 'journey', no matter
how many miles long, will definitely be memorable (and if not border to border, might
be inspiring enough to try AGAIN!)...

There is also something to be said for an individual's sum total of life's experiences
(good and bad), not only 'trail experience', that can enable one of the 'older
generation' to succeed on the PCT...  Perseverence!

Stay excited, Paul...  Linda, give it a go!  Hope to see you all on the trail...

Happy trails!!!

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